The lovely Diane from Schwarzkopf came up to our Kemnay Salon for a training afternoon to show us all the bright new Colorworx range and the Nude Tones.

Model 1 Before :

Ausra Before

Model 1 After:

Ausra After

Model 2 Before:

Haesel Before

Model 2 After:

Haesel After

Model 3 After:

Diana After

Team Photo with Diane From Schwarzkopf

The Team 1

The Team 2

Thank you again to Diane for coming up and teaching us some new skills, we can’t wait until the next time!

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YES or No? In or Out?

These are the questions the media throws at us on a daily basis on a variety of strategic matters. It is all so perplexing we often don’t know what to think.
In our line of business there are , however, more pressing matters. To have a fringe or not to have a fringe? Should it be a heavy blunt cut or a soft asymmetric flowing fringe? And this is only one of  the burning issues we are faced with on a daily basis.
Fashion is a funny old thing really, here today and gone tomorrow but in our shops we try and suggest and act in the best interests of the individual.
The Spring/Summer 2016 edit from our guru Schwarzkopf has been launched and we are loving the soft, earthy, nude tones which is the biggest trend in hair colouring. Or perhaps you are an urban creative in which case you will love the  the new Igora Colorworx. Bright, bold and vibrant ranging from the mermaid hues of green, blue and purples to to the cupcake pastel blends. Anything that can be imagined can be created. Experiment a little or a lot!
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Ask your stylist to explain which shades will work best for you.
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In The Chair With Ausra

In The Spotlight with Stylist Ausra
Ausra joined our team last year after honing her hairdressing skills in Vilnius,Lithuania.She comes from a small town called Tvakai which she informs us is about the size of Inverurie.

Her biggest self-indulgence is expensive makeup that is until she buys her dream car (Audio R8) and a designer house with a big mirror to put on aforementioned pricey makeup. She tells us she is rubbish at being loud and super chatty but we have heard her gabbing away to her Lithuanian chums on the phone and it’s simply not true.

Ausra’s adorable wee girls are her pride and joy and appear to rule the roost as most kiddies do taking up a lot of the free time. However apart from turning out some stonkingly good haircuts her other job is baking the most amazing celebratory cakes in the area is thriving and if you wish to order a cakey masterpiece for that special occasion come in for a hair do to discuss things further!

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