The early bird catches the worm

If you saw the words Haircutting and Vermicompost in the same sentence you could be forgiven for thinking we were losing the plot.  However, The Red Wiggler is a type of earthworm adapted to decaying organic matter, they are rarely found in the soil but thrive in rotting vegetation and as we have observed, composted human hair.

Ten years ago we ordered a packet of worms which duly arrived in the post and our hermaphroditic wiggly friends have been reproducing ever since in their stable, protected wormeries. Don’t ask us how long they live for as they all look the same to us but suffice to say they all look fairly contented and appear to be multiplying.

During 2018 we shall keep you regularly updated on Vermicomposting (the process of composting using worms) which is our unique way in disposing of our main waste product, the snippings and clippings of human hair.

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