Day 9 & 10 – Gone with the Wind

Day 9 & 10 – Gone with the Wind
Monday 17th – Tuesday 18th November

This year is the 95th anniversary of Hermann Gmeiner who dedicated this village in Kolkata and I must admit that some parts of it look a little shabby…but not the children. They are full of life and obviously very happy which is testament to the good works these SOS Villages provide. There is a ready source of ‘models’ and inquisitive wee rascals for our students as they all need their hair cut at some point and even most of our students want something or other. This week we started on straightening hair and practically everyone wanted to be a volunteer for this whether they needed it or not. We chose Ruby who is loving her silky shiny locks and I must say it has transformed her.
We are expecting every single student(22) to be taken for three months training with various employers and it has been interesting finding out how the system works. Hairdressing is a blossoming market out here and some of the salons are national chains with hundreds of shops throughout India. Most of our students are from SOS Village Guwhati in Assam and therefore are temporarily staying here so they will still get placements in their home city.
Not only are our students learning hairdressing and employability skills but also English is not their first language. Even so they make such an effort to communicate and I have absolute belief that some of them will become great role models and very successful.
When I left tonight there were several police around the complex (with guns) and I was worried there was some sort of alert on but eventually I found out that another child had been dropped off. They can only flourish here.
Sarah Franklin
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  1. Loving your blog Sarah. I’m sure this will be a life changing experience for you. Don’t suppose anyone videod the show? Would be good to see tbe young people having fun and you compering in your bonny frock! xxx

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