Day 1 – True Grit

Sarah’s Indian Journey

Day 1 – True Grit

Sunday 8th November

After looking forward to this moment for so long I finally arrived in Kolkata this morning minus my suitcase. However, based upon the sage advice from a good friend who has grim experience in these matters, I had packed a spare pair of drawers in my hand luggage so things were not quite so hopeless. (Thanks Noel!).

The drive from the airport had me instantly smiling as we wove through the traffic merrily tooting and swerving, avoiding hot lazy dogs, lean angular cattle, rickshaws and vehicles of every description with wobbly wheels and even narrowly missing a reckless wheelchair user going the wrong way round quite a busy roundabout. Everybody seemed to happily,  yet calmly join in  this chaotic way of going about their business.


I spent an inspiring day with Janet Maitland, the Ambassador for Shaping Futures along with a hand over from the enthusiastic Anthony McMeiken and  a committed Sara McBride who  have done a fantastic job so far. They were both so sad to leave all the young people they have coached for the last two weeks and I am absolutely sure they will be back volunteering another year. They spent the afternoon showing me around the local area whilst they looked for gifts to take back home. Those beautiful silk fabrics along with Anthony and Sara’s wonderful personalities will certainly light up the streets of Durham and Perth.


Sarah signing off…..zzzzzzzz

One comment

  1. So glad you’ve arrived safely albeit minus maist o’ yer punts! Sound amazing already! You’re going to hae a ball. xxx

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