Up Close and Personal

In the Chair with…

Sarah Franklin

Plenty of experience in all aspects of hairdressing, especially colouring and cutting. Infamous for her ‘inventive ‘ fringes and turn the clock back highlights and lowlights….Interests are many and varied but if you fancy a good chat about the remedies for powdery mildew and the latest must visit art exhibition then Sarah’s your stylist.

 The best thing my parents taught me… Not to play with mercury or stick drawing pins in a mahogany fireplace.

What I love the most about hairdressing… Listening to the thrills and spills of peoples lives and being responsible for their image but ultimately their confidence…thats important.

My proudest hairdressing moment… There have been many big moments along this journey from buying my first shop to becoming an SVQ approved training centre. More recently it is being accepted onto the Shaping Futures Team in India to teach hairdressing to disadvantaged young adults.

I think my clients love me because… I listen, take an interest , learn and give them a great look at a damn good price.

My favourite part of the working week… Monday morning with a to do list.

One thing I would change about the hairdressing industry… The lack of respect some people give to young people in the industry.

If I wasn’t a hairdresser now I’d be… A horticulturist with my own nursery or an art critic/trader with my own gallery in central London, taking part in the Great British Sewing Bee!

My biggest influence… The people all around me from all walks of  life, all ages and all industriess.

My greatest weakness… Antiques shop, charity shops, and dancing!

If I could change anything about myself I’d… Be more sporty/daring, and enjoy high octane adrenaline sports

It’s not good for my image but I like… A bit of silence and solitude at the weekend.

The song i can never get out of my head is… Withering Heights, Bohemian Rhapsody or New Orleans

The most expensive thing I’ve ever frittered money on was… Apart from cars and houses is a pair of boots that I can barely walk in!

My last meal would be… In Positano on the beach with a bottle of Sancerre!

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