Worming around…

IMG_2596Aye aye, foo’s yer doos? as they say here in Aberdeenshire.

Worried at the prospect of boring you all with tedious wormy facts every month on our blog we tried to imagine what we would like to read in a newsletter and we came up with the following;

Juicy Words of Wisdom : The process of most things in life is more important than the results.
Starting our wormery was the result of idle pondering in some spare time. In fact with no idea where we were going with the idea but seeing what happens along the way. And let’s face it, any form of composting takes time. Had we known in the begining what a rich, friable soil would be produced along with a concentrated, fertile, black liquid which trickles out of the wee (yes it is indeed kind of worm wee!) tap at the bottom of the wormery we would have started our experiments waaaay before 2008.
If you are still reading I expect you are thinking ‘nip on will you and stop your pondering’. This month we will discuss WHERE

Site : it is important to have somewhere suitable to position your wormery or else you will be looking at a worm mortuary which is completely heartbreaking. These delicate critters require a stable, ambient temperature somewhere between a cardigan in the summer and an overcoat in the winter. A garage or shed would be ideal as long as it is not too bright and in a dry, shady position.

Here, at The Hair Shop we have been blessed with a dark dingy basement in the bowels of Kemnay High Street. A mucky place full of spiders and random stored items that may come in useful at some point but in reality, of course never actually does. It is a hellish place for a cool, happening and well groomed hairdresser but perfect for a small worm. So, nestled somewhere between the Christmas decorations, curlers from the 1950’s and some weird luminous hair gel from the 1990’s (which did in fact make your hair glo under a night club ultra violet strobe but unfortunately brought the wearer out in an unpleasant, nasty rash. Not everything is as it seems in life, which, incidently happens to be another of our favourite life quotes) However, we digress. Yes, stored between these random items proudly stand our two wormeries.


Next month we shall discover the inner workings and management of a wormery.
Sarah x

The early bird catches the worm

If you saw the words Haircutting and Vermicompost in the same sentence you could be forgiven for thinking we were losing the plot.  However, The Red Wiggler is a type of earthworm adapted to decaying organic matter, they are rarely found in the soil but thrive in rotting vegetation and as we have observed, composted human hair.

Ten years ago we ordered a packet of worms which duly arrived in the post and our hermaphroditic wiggly friends have been reproducing ever since in their stable, protected wormeries. Don’t ask us how long they live for as they all look the same to us but suffice to say they all look fairly contented and appear to be multiplying.

During 2018 we shall keep you regularly updated on Vermicomposting (the process of composting using worms) which is our unique way in disposing of our main waste product, the snippings and clippings of human hair.


The lovely Diane from Schwarzkopf came up to our Kemnay Salon for a training afternoon to show us all the bright new Colorworx range and the Nude Tones.

Model 1 Before :

Ausra Before

Model 1 After:

Ausra After

Model 2 Before:

Haesel Before

Model 2 After:

Haesel After

Model 3 After:

Diana After

Team Photo with Diane From Schwarzkopf

The Team 1

The Team 2

Thank you again to Diane for coming up and teaching us some new skills, we can’t wait until the next time!

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YES or No? In or Out?

These are the questions the media throws at us on a daily basis on a variety of strategic matters. It is all so perplexing we often don’t know what to think.
In our line of business there are , however, more pressing matters. To have a fringe or not to have a fringe? Should it be a heavy blunt cut or a soft asymmetric flowing fringe? And this is only one of  the burning issues we are faced with on a daily basis.
Fashion is a funny old thing really, here today and gone tomorrow but in our shops we try and suggest and act in the best interests of the individual.
The Spring/Summer 2016 edit from our guru Schwarzkopf has been launched and we are loving the soft, earthy, nude tones which is the biggest trend in hair colouring. Or perhaps you are an urban creative in which case you will love the  the new Igora Colorworx. Bright, bold and vibrant ranging from the mermaid hues of green, blue and purples to to the cupcake pastel blends. Anything that can be imagined can be created. Experiment a little or a lot!
Schwarzkopf Professional > Home
Ask your stylist to explain which shades will work best for you.
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In The Chair With Ausra

In The Spotlight with Stylist Ausra
Ausra joined our team last year after honing her hairdressing skills in Vilnius,Lithuania.She comes from a small town called Tvakai which she informs us is about the size of Inverurie.

Her biggest self-indulgence is expensive makeup that is until she buys her dream car (Audio R8) and a designer house with a big mirror to put on aforementioned pricey makeup. She tells us she is rubbish at being loud and super chatty but we have heard her gabbing away to her Lithuanian chums on the phone and it’s simply not true.

Ausra’s adorable wee girls are her pride and joy and appear to rule the roost as most kiddies do taking up a lot of the free time. However apart from turning out some stonkingly good haircuts her other job is baking the most amazing celebratory cakes in the area is thriving and if you wish to order a cakey masterpiece for that special occasion come in for a hair do to discuss things further!

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In the Chair with Eavan

IMG_1091In the Chair with Eavan

Our wonderful Eavan, who trudges down to our Alford Shop after a long day at school and clears up the bomb site we have made during the day.

We are sure she would rather be catching up with Walking Dead or Geordie Shore, but there must be someone cracking the whip at home so we have saved her from sent up a chimney no doubt.  Her fav films include Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction but would love to be an extra in Walking Dead and I don’t think we are meaning Daryl here!

Inspiration comes from Michelle Obama for her work in girls education and our very own top stylist Rache for her dedication, commitment and earned respect.

In the Spotlight with Laura Duguid


In the Spotlight with Laura Duguid

AKA “Turkey Twizzler”


Laura has been the star of the show since she embarked on her hairdressing career in August.  Super organised, she keeps us all in check because we can be a messy bunch when we are slicing our way through a hair cut.

Laura loves walking (on a dry day), catching up with her favourite TV series and posting her ubiquitous selfies in her spare time, thats when she is not in the shops or soaking in the bath with a fruity cider.

On holiday Laura can be found twirling her way round a wee dancefloor in a bar in Turkey like an exotic flamingo, flapping her wings and fending off the posse of waiters and market traders who have been added to her list of faceyb friends!